Shtatzënia dhe Back Pain

Është një fakt i trishtuar që shumica e grave shtatzëna, dhimbje prapa në një farë mase gjatë shtatzënisë. Për fat të mirë, gjëra të ndryshme ju mund të bëni për të lehtësuar siklet e dhimbje prapa që ndodh gjatë shtatzënisë dhe për të parandaluar atë për t'u bërë një çështje për kohë të gjatë. Gratë që tashmë kanë kthyer problemet e para shtatzënisë kanë zhvilluar një rregullim më të lehtë për të shtatzënisë, thjesht sepse ajo është një "re" dhimbje dhe niveli i vështirësisë, ajo ka ekzistuar gjithmonë. Këshilla mjekësore dhe trajtimit të duhur të parandaluar dhimbje prapa është një ndërlikim në qoftë ofrimit të bëhet.

Causes of Pregnancy Backache

Two types of back pain during pregnancy caused by:

1.) Faulty or poor posture is a strain on the ligaments, muskujt, discs and joints. The incorrect lifting methods, muscle weakness or stress can be added for pain or injury, this type of back pain can happen to them, even before pregnancy. The symptoms worsen at the end of the day or after standing for long periods because of the muscles and ligaments, e cila shtrihet nga pesha trupore dhe baby-lodhje.

Disa gra mund të gjeni simptomat e nervit shiatik, gjatë përvojës shtatzënisë. This is due to inflammation or pressure, back pain in the sciatic nerve. Other symptoms include tingling, weakness, back pain and leg pain. Sciatica is a condition that can occur when there is a pregnancy.

2.) Is another form of pain related to pregnancy such as pelvic girdle pain (PGP) are known, may be different from the standard treatment for back pain. Most pregnant women back pain during pregnancy suffer from this disease.

The symptoms of pain in the pubic area, may mark the beginning of the symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD). It is advised to make a qualified practitioners in the field of women € ™ s health to obtain a correct diagnosis of these familiar conditions.

Preventing back pain

So try to stay fit and healthy as possible before pregnancy will help pain in my lower back. Even if pregnancy has already taken place, it is possible to stay in shape through exercises specially designed for pregnant women, this effect may reduce the risk of developing pregnancy-related back pains. Women who want to pursue, as is best to take things slowly.

Maintaining a program of moderate exercise, dispense with the correct posture and distance, lift heavy objects and cares about the back can ensure prevention of pregnancy in relation to LBP.

Tips to relieve back pain

Massage 1.) May result in significant relief for tired and aching muscles. One method is to relax, to put it on the back of a chair or in one hand while massaging the muscles on both sides of the lumbar spine, the trick is to do to someone.: 0) A massage therapist, midwife or physiotherapist may be in order.

2). Take a hot bath and relax with a hot compress or even a hot shower in May relieve symptoms of back pain.

3.) A belt of support for maternity support belt can help keep the Babyi ™ € s Weight relieve tension in the abdominal muscles and back.

4.) With a pillow on one side with a pillow-shaped wedge under the belly can help the pain in my lower back.

5.) Exercises of strength and stability exercises, the pelvis and lower abdominals can be linked and contribute to strengthen the stomach Babyi ™ € s weight. An example of abdominal exercise simple and safe is the soil, on hands and knees, the back is horizontal. While breathing out, drawing the navel towards the spine and back motionless for 5 të 10 seconds. The abdominal muscles are then allowed to rest after each contraction.

6.) Do you have a good attitude, which helps, especially if the pain symptoms are centered on the tailbone. Slouching be avoided, and hunched should, if possible. It is advisable to use a cushion or a ring buffer of the session more comfortable.

Significantly reduce

7.) Exercise in a pool with water exercises may be pregnancy-related back pain.

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